Dream About It

Release date: -Dec-


“Dream About It”

A Compilation of Originals


(All original recorded songs on the Doc Drew & The Crew CD album entitled “Dream About It” are copyright protected)

(Copyright © 2014 DocRossMusic)

  1. Love Decision
  2. I Like What I See (Dream About it)
  3. I Like the Voodoo That You Do
  4. Never, Never, Never
  5. I’m Tellin’ You
  6. Stickin’ By Me
  7. Just Touch
  8. I Can’t (Try Any Harder for Your Love)


Band Members: 

Rendell (Doc) Drew: Co-producer, Lead Vocals

Ross (Rossi) Harris: Co-producer, Bass & Background Vocals

Patrick (Pat) Hurley: Lead Guitar

Steve Hart: Keyboards & Organ

Mike Malone: Drums

Donzelle Harris: Guest Vocalist on “Just Touch”

Melvyn (Oscar) Treblinka: Background Vocals

Tom Neas: Percussion


Recorded and engineered by: Tom Neas

Producer: Tom Neas Recording Studio, Costa Mesa, CA.

Copyright © 2018 - Doc Drew & the Crew Band