KOCI Radio Station Interview for the “Doc Drew & The Crew Band” on 10/18/14

Hello Doug,

Allow me to begin by saying that it was truly a pleasure meeting you last Saturday at the KOCI Radio station for the radio interview.

Just a note to say “Thank You” very much for accommodating me (and Tom Neas) to do a live radio interview with you at the local KOCI Radio station to promote the “Doc Drew & The Crew” Band and our upcoming CD Release party on 10/23/14, at the Tiki Bar, in ┬áCosta Mesa. “Thanks” again for playing our songs on the air! It was really a blast to hear 2 of our original songs being aired live over the the KOCI Radio station.

As I mentioned to you, the Doc Drew & The Crew Band is also available to play for any private or corporate parties, or special occasions. Any for referrals that you may have are appreciated.

PROMOTIONAL PACKET:Attached is the “Promotional Packet” for the “Doc Drew & The Crew Band” for your review and referral to any organization who may seeking a band to play at their functions. The packet also contains e-mail and phones numbers for any interested parties who may request the services of the the Doc Drew & The Crew Band.

In closing I hope that we will have the opportunity to do a future interview at your wonderful Radio station.

Yours Musically,

Dr. Rendell E. Drew

(AKA: Doc Drew)

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